Nord 2 5G- ” Dangerous for user, Blasted! “

Nord 2 5G is Explosive within a few days!!

Serious Injury and Explosive occurred from OnePlus Nord 2 5G

OnePlus Nord 2 5G, have we thought but it is harming serious injuries to people. It had reported against for explosive. Yes! It is truth, caused many sudden injuries to a user due to a sudden explosion.

The explosive incident raised by user and reported, and the company has also confirmed it on investigation. So far trying to make eco-friendly, nor explosive incidents.

Although, there had made a report on OnePlus has to refund money back and also pay for medical victim’s.

OnePlus Nord was launched in India at July. After a few days, later, a user stated that phone exploded within just a few days. As the company replied that, damage caused by external factors not due to any manufacturing or product issue.

The employers of operation head is said to keep up a correspondence with induced victim for help.

In particular incident , the company sent a legal notice to the affected user and claimed that he had “malicious and mala fide intent” to harm its reputation.

At last month, similar to an issue woke up, in Bengaluru, had reported a similar explosion issur on Nord. OnePlus had back then said that the explosion was caused by an isolated incident involving external factors and not due to any manufacturing or product issue.

…OnePlus Nord 2 5G- NEVER SETTLE…

Nord is flagship killer as we thought for which flagship features providing. But it endangered to users now. To get more information click Nord 25G.

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