Which has Best Camera Sensor? || iPhone 13 Pro Vs Pixel 6 Pro ||

Which is Best iPhone 13 Pro Vs Pixel 6 Pro?

What a big question? || Which phone should you buy based on camera?

I’m gonna tell you everything about it by end of this blog and you will know everything by the end.On DXOMARK, both these phones are scientifically tested on Camera and set number 5th overall score of 137 for iPhone 13 Pro and number 7th overall score of 135 for Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Lets quickly know about What are the camera setup and sensors of these phones.

|| iPhone 13 Pro OR Pixel 6 Pro ||

iPhone 13 Pro has all 12mp cameras and are 12mp (Primary Sensors), 12mp (Telephoto), 12mp (Ultrawide) and on front side has 12mp camera for selfie.

Pixels 6 Pro has 50mp (Primary Sensor), 48mp (Telephoto), 12mp (Ultrawide) and on front selfies sensor is 11.1mp, I don’t know why this old number.


Let’s have a normal conditions for photos and videos capture, 80-90% is going to be daylight.

Both of them have a great pictures and videos but there has some differences and some Pros and Cops also.

iPhone 13 Pro looks more punchier,and has normal trons High contrast whereas Pixel 6 Pro has very natural colour that to close.


When we comes on ultra wide, iPhone 13 Pro takes a kicks.

Therefore in ultra wide views there you can see dynamic pictures views. For an iPhone, when you shift normal to ultrawide , you will not see to many colours changes. But on Pixel 6 not much colur but yes, it has little bit colur change.

Move on to telephoto sensor, here Pixel 6 Pro takes a kick, on one hand iPhone 13 y has 3X telephoto zoom where as Pixel 6 Pro has to manage 4X telephoto zoom.

Though about zoom, the photo clarity and the colour are are definitely better than on Pixel 6 Pro. Even if it zoom beyond 4X; like 5X, 10X , Pixel 6 Pro try to looks the colour and detailing are maintained.

About micro photo, iPhone 13 Pro show best because telephoto sensor shoots great micro photos compare to Pixel. Pixel 6 Pro try to struggle to shoot best but not beat to iPhone 13 Pro.

As we go to Portrait, iPhone 13 Pro is best. There are punchier and looks good and H detection is so great. So, compare to Pixel , this iPhone 13 Pro has great portrait but however when we comes on clarity, details and colour toons I will go to Pixel 6 Pro.

So if this Pixel 6 Pro has great portrait compare to iPhone 6 Pro, definitely I would choose winner to Portrait Pixel 6 Pro but no because it suffer in H detection.

Now let us look at low night condition, pixel 6 Pro is better for some what, for example Pixel 6 Pro’s colour are much better but in detail iPhone 13 Pro photos are sharper but you can see lots of grain but in Pixel 6 Pro not so.

So I will says in low light condition or night mode , Pixel works very well, a litte to well.

One of the best part on iPhones is that videography and Pixels does not manage to beat iPhone in videography, wheather it stabilization or colours. For a front camera, selfies is better and even great in both.

Pro’s and Cop’s on Pixel 6 Pro

Effective video stabilizationUltra-wide camera not as wide as competition
Good shadow detail and contrastOccasionally unstable video autofocus in low light
Excellent detail in long range tele shotsNarrow depth of field results in blurry background subjects in group shots
Having good detail in bright light and indoor images as well as in videoColor instabilities and noise in video
Good exposure and wide dynamic range in video

Pro’s and Cop’s on iPhone 13 Pro

Very pleasant HDR10 video experience with the right brightness, contrast, and color fidelity. Device could be smoother when gaming.
Excellent control of artifacts. Display has a strong orange cast when the blue light filter is on.
Excellent color fidelity, including when viewed at an angle. Device is not bright enough at its default settings for comfortable night reading.

So if you a making decisions about camera, which you will buy? Comment me in chatbox.

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