How To Extend Your Smartphone Life !

I getting heard about that many peoples are just use smartphone for 1 years only. It is really surprising to me. Most of the peoples are use their smartphones for 1 year or 1 and half years only. That’s really bad to know that we increasing the electronic waste. That would effect the life on the Earth. I had get an solution and bring to you about a topic on “How to Extend your Smartphone Life!”.

According to me, the life of Smartphone should have 3 years and I suggest to use your phone minimum 2 years. You Suggest me in comment box that how much years is need to increase for smartphone life.

Yes, it is fact that you all know within a 1-2 years, our smartphone are fastly changing and new smartphone brought up with new edition and are comparable differ from older previous phone. Yeah! It is right time to use phone just minimum 2 years.

Averagely, Every persons in India and other broadcast also, are use minimum 5-6 hours every day it means that  around 2100 hours in year user uses. Yes! I’m proudly to say that I  also use 6-8 hours a day.


The challenge for a human now is to be more interesting to another than his or her smartphone.
…….By Udit Vadlagatta……..


1. The basic reason that peoples are changing their smartphones because of USB charging input port is lose or not fitting properly or it is coming out. It is very simple repair just don’t go for new one, get repair it from mobile repair shop and fix the problem wheather you want to put original parts local parts. Atlast, It work like new smartphone.

2. Especially,  talking about battery, 1 or 1 and half years it reduces  the capacity of battery life more and more . Just it is fault on battery, get change it and you will really feel that your phone work like new.

3.Moisture is main reason of your smartphone’s parts are corrode. It is very essential to know that not to keep your smartphone near to water that is moisture place. That would harm and get some parts are rusty and because of this, smartphone will not work. So Keep your smartphone in unmoisture place.

Even it is IP68 Certified and you put in water, then also water get in and rust the parts. Make sure that in rainy season not get wet more, just buy waterproof-pouch, easily get anywhere. That really helps you because Moisture is a biggest enemy of a Smartphone.

4. Generally, when we look new phone we use case and scratch card on smartphone. Even we use Gorilla glass 4,5 or 6,it shouldn’t get 100% garrentee about protecting. It needs standard cases hard cover and usually get plastic cases with new smartphone.

If you want your smartphone looks as new, it should be wear cases and it doesn’t lose the attraction of your smartphone. According to the display, put scartch card on it. It would protect for a long time. Display is main essential part and expensive also, so it needs to take care.

I request that on the road, the peoples who sells scratch card at ₹50 in name of Gorilla glass, don’t believe it and don’t let you put on your smartphone. Those are bad quality for your smartphone. I suggest that take only standard quality scratch card for your smartphone in mobile shop only.

5. Battery stress- It is main thing to know that your smartphone  do not charge from 0 to 100% directly. To increase the battery life, do charge when it will having 10-13% and charge upto 90-95% only. Because the simple reason is the battery is get 100% and giving more power in it, it get stressed and adversely affect on battery life.

6. If you want your phone gives peak performance, delete the heavy apps like Facebook, messanger and others, It takes high resources and it also get more heat by using more heavy apps and it loses smartphone life. Try to use lite application. It would better for those who buy mid range smartphone ( ₹10000-₹20000). But having flagship smartphone, no need to delete heavy application, because performance not affect much more.

Delete the application which you are not use at all or for a while. Because the reason is less application the more will be smartphone life.

7. As like moisture, heat is also biggest enemy of your smartphone. Don’t let you keep on sunlight or beside cooking. The heat gives wear and tair on your smartphone and loses life. Because of sunlight, the smartphone get heat more it just because of black colour on display. Black absorb more heat compare to other color and that is not good for your smartphone.

8. As I don’t know how much it will work but expert says that every 10-15 days rebot your smartphone, it restart and refresh the device and run smoothly and increase the smartphone life. According to me, every 10 days I rebot my smartphone, it helps me or no I didn’t know but it smoothly run and it doesn’t hung anywhere as like new.


I wish that you have been like our information on how to extend smartphone life. Garrentee it will help you and having any questions, comments me within 12 hours I reply of your suggestions.

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