Smartphone Guide

When Peoples took to buy smartphone, having different reasons to buy it depends on their needs. So well, you come at right place where you get guidence to me as my team personally collected information from experts and internet only because for yourself and to satisfied you. I hope you love it our Smartphone Guide

This is only for those whose are willing to buy smartphone ignore of those peoples who likes brand like iPhone and spending 80k-1Lakhs on smartphone & not much use for even 1 year. This is for a person who Really wants very good smartphone which is allrounder smartphone that is performance, photography, other functional features

Buying any phone you must make a list what features do you want that is

  1. Performance
  2. Camera
  3. Display
  4. Battery
  5. RAM
  6. ROM (Internal Memory)

As we move on questions what buyers needs:

Which is better to buy 4G/5G Smartphone?

Really, it is the biggest problem because in some city has launch 5G network for testing and maximum area under in India 4G network are widely used. After 1-2 years it will definitely have entire places in India has 5G high speed network.

Though are you not using phone more than 1 years, so directly you can move to 4G phone and if you use more than 2-4 years, I personally suggest to go for 5G because I was told that within 2 year 5G network spread in every cities and villages.

Don’t worry about bandwidth of 5G, it will upgrade from the software

About Performance

Even around under range of 15k-20k smartphone have high performance in gaming like FreeFire, PubG, Call of Duty etc. No need to buy more than 20k because it just waste of money.

According to processor for better performance, the processor which you see in phone must be less than 1year otherwise don’t take, try to get new processor phone having specialisation upgrade than prior.

Which is better Amoled or IPS LCD Display?

According to it, I prefer only Amoled display 90-95% has been profitable. If your seeking to estimate wheather 60Hz Amoled and 120Hz IPS LCD which is best? , I prefer Amoled is best. Not everytime you play high games, even you play 60Hz of Amoled is enough and 99% game has support in this.

The wonderful colour efficiency and battery backup in Amoled which is not get in IPS LCD

Full HD Screen Smartphone (FHD)

If you having minimum budget of ₹10000/-, please  go only for Full HD Screen phone. Every smartphone has started from ₹9500/- has Full HD Screen, so your budget is ₹10000/- or more than it, you would get HD Screen.

About RAM and ROM

New application and software are heavy now a days and we do multi- tasking work. For that the RAM  I prefer 6GB because after few months, speed efficiency is going to slow and 6 Gb RAM will use 100%. 4GB is also fine, but 6GB is better.

Your wish to take 64GB or 128GB for Storage capacity but if you like photography it would get problem in Storage capacity. If you want to buy high resolution camera there would 1 picture equal to 10 mb and soon getting  Storage problem. For that I prefer to take 128GB storage device.

About Camera Clarity

Camera plays important role in our life, the photos or videos that recaps memories. So it must there good camera, 48mps (ultrawide) is fine and main thing is that ultrawide is important for good picture, others extra cameras are not necessarily. The main thing is that the features what we want is there in camera, that is very important. Finally, take your decision about camera.

Battery backup and Charger quality

The trending hot topics is going in our world is that Charger Capacity like 18W, 30W, 50W, 55W, 120W fast charging. There is not fault in this, having greater Watt is not better, it really great and according to battery 4500mAh battery or 5000mAh is enough and I prefer that because it is enough for a day. As battery 4500mAh battery or 5000mAh , 33W charging that I considered because for fast charging , if you move to more than 33W that is okay. Finally, we want fast charging, 18W charger are slow that’s why I prefer 33W.

Weights Relation

Majority of the peoples, are not think about weights. If you have taking heavy weight phone like 230gm you would not feel comfortable. After few months, you started feel to leave or not interested to take with you. Light weight phone are better and feel comfortable to anywhere you go. You will feel comfortable when you having lighter smartphone.

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