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An uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source (UPS) is an electrical appliances when main power fail, the emergency power sent to the load and secure the applicants. It protect the load when power off, UPS send instanteous power and the system or load runs continuous and smoothly.This is different from auxiliary or emergency power system in that it will give close quick security from input power interferences, by supplying the energy store in UPS battery inbuilt.

It is utilized to secure equipment like computer, server farms, telecom gear or other electrical hardware to avoid distruction or injuries.


There are three basic functions that it is  essentially and necessary to performs:

  • To avoid the causes to electrical equipments or load by passing overcurrents to it. UPS of all kind performance are to regulate input power.
  • To avoid the loss of data  and damages.(When we on computer and power-off suddenly, arise problem of corrupt or data loss completely)
  • Keeping charging UPS when you do operate without electricity. There having problem of battery dead.


Avoid using of high load appliances, it couldn’t run more than 3 hours or get problem from battery.


It is portable only computer, laptops, mobile and watch charging. 100% secure  the device because of less power absorb.

Best UPC:

APC Back-1100VA:

The best I reffer for those who want power backup 30 min 1hour 20 min. Graphic designer, Gamer, Photo editor and others, for them this I best choice.

Artis PS-1000VA:

 The second best which gives  around 20 min to 45 min . Even Graphic designer, Gamer, Photo editor can also used at comfortable price.

APC Back- 600VA:

This is gives only 20 min to 60 min power backup. All run smoothly but differ in power backup.


This is gives only 15 min to 25 min power backup.

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