SSD VS HHD Which is best for users?

The SSD and HHD are nothing but storage memory drive use in computers and laptops.
It should to know which is better for user for his personal work on laptops or computers. The both memories are help to device to work smoothly. But there is question rise that “Which is better?”

Comparison between SSD and HHD

  • SSDs not only work smoothly but faster and more power efficient compare to HDDs.
  • HDDs are a legacy storage technology that use spinning disks to read/write data.
  • Cost of SSDs is more expensive than HHDs where HHDs is lower in price.

Deciding the  perfect storage  is  just about cost, capacity and performance. Performance included power usage and reliability. The two main storage are SSD (Solid State Drive) and HHD (Hard Disk Drive) and to get importants for best to use and more comfortable.


Solid state drive SSD top and bottom views

SSD (Solid State Drive) the name suggests that not moving part inside it just solid device. All our data are store in integrated circuit. It does had disc inside the device. It has great performance and good shape and small size compare to HHD. SSDs reduces the access time since users don’t have to wait for to start up the laptops. It have use in laptop because it is nice shape to fit.
Relative about cost , it has expensive than HHD, because it performance is much greater than HHD.


HHD (Hard Disk Drive) it only there in computer. The name suggests that it has disc, similar to DVD player. The disc stores the information and it is available in TB(Tera-bite). The HDD has arm with several “heads” which is read and write data on the disk. It move to access the different data. It has lower in price. It is now also use in laptop having 2.5 inches.
HDDs can be an marvelous, cost-effective choice for cold data.

According to talk about their capacity, it has 120 GB to 4 TB for computer where HHD has 250 GB to 14 TB.

SSDs are use less power(high efficiency) and result in longer battery life because data access is much faster. HDDs require more power because disc inside it want more power.

Gaming experience-SSD Vs HHD

SSD are more reliable than HHD because the user needs good drive to access fast data  response. The Video games contains such as models, high-resolution textures, audio and more, contain some memory and requires fast data transfer, high speed  and good capacity. HHD is slow in process compare to SSD, because it collect data late and gamer sometimes feel struck or loading slowly.

Information is required at whatever point the player enters another level, scene, or mission. Long burden times can upset the game and quick burden times ensure the feeling of drenching that you need when in your game.

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SSD are more reliable than HHD because the user needs good drive to access fast data response. SSD are more reliable than HHD

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