Beauty of light impacts love


The Nature of entire Universe is full of beauty of light, would want to see by the end of the night that make me lust with light.

Feel something ththe beauty of light

Think for a moment, just we went before somewhat more than 100 years prior, we could stroll outside around night time and we could see the Milky Way cosmic system across the night sky.

We see the thousands of stars in everyday of our life and how they were inspiring us to reach and stay there.

Beauty of light create love

Feel yo walk around the road till end of light

Discover the beauty around us, is to something gives “light” which means giving us hope for the better.

Most of the peoples focus on the negative or dark side of their life due to their environment. Still truth we all want beauty in our daily lives.

When we date a girl , if no medium of light we would not create love in our heart to that girl. Sorce of light are precious in our life, it make a role in every part of life.


Affection create with light

Technology make evolution of lights more brighter in every moment of life. Creation of lights in visualisation make me beauty also pause for sometimes. Modern technology also makes us explore the world and changes lifestyle of living.

Even you see in day to day life; television, phone, led/lcd lights, computers,for hospital treatment purpose…..many more, it has emited light. All sort of every things, light plays prominent role.


Light is the wellspring of all life on our planet. The significance of light could be appreciated as plants make nutrition from light utilizing chlorophyll, and filtrate the air which we inhale. Everything depending on light


Technology in modern World has growth faster, in every shreet lamp light beside the road has led lights.

Light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, contributed to the development of this revolutionary technology. He was used tungsten filament which has high melting point.

Nowadays, we are using LED lights. It stands for ‘Light-emitting diodes’ consider as the future of lighting due to require to run at lower energy , and a longer life than traditional light bulbs and a lower monthly price compare to filament bulb.

Phillips , one of best companies which have created wireless light bulbs which can be controlled with smartphone applications.

Stack, began by engineers from Tesla and NASA, developed a smart light bulb with a wide range of capability.

It can naturally detect the encompassing lighting and change depending on the situation, it kills and on by means of movement sensor when somebody goes into the room, can be utilized as a wake up alert, and even changes tone for the duration of the day to fit.

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